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Persona of Mulla Blaq, an Uprising Comedian you probably don’t know about

The genre of fiction that consists of discourses or works intended to be humorous or inducing laughter in any form related to play, film or any other entertainment medium is what we call comedy. Mulla Blaq is no other but a naturally gifted comedian.

There are a lots of talents that are currently underrated, well, they sometimes even performed than our cherished celebrities. If you ever hated a comedy from Mulla Blaq, then you are probably not a fan of this department of the entertainment industry.

Yes , may be you don’t really know anything about the astonishing Mulla Blaq, let me give you a gist!.

Brief Background

Mulla blaq
Mulla blaq

Mulla Blaq is a teacher by profession, completed Akatsi college of Education in the year 2020. Even though schooling, he takes much pleasure in his comedy stuffs than any academic works ( he loves doing what he loves).

He has been featured in most programs during his school days especially the popular comedian ;Chilli Mama.

One interesting video 👇

If you haven’t watch any of his comedies yet, then you are probably missing something extraordinary that could have switched your mood from boredom to ‘happy-dom’. You just can’t get tired watching his comedy videos .

Brief Biography

Mulla blaq who is in his early 20’s is a a handsome single young man pursuing his life ambitions.

You might not like him, well it’s normal, but you got to place some respect on him. It’s never easy, coming from a remote area and adding so much sauce to the Comedy industry.

  • Name : Yebugah Maxwell
  • Place of Birth: Kwanta, Oti Region
  • Occupation: Prof. Teacher
  • Current Project : Hustle Skits


Mulla Blaq wins many outstanding awards at his early stage of his carrier as a comedian and also has been nominated in most.


Mulla Blaq has the vision of becoming one of the most outstanding comedians within the enclaves of Ghana and beyond. He is currently shooting a skit call Hustle Kits which is spiking the social media. You got to watch it!, it’s so awesome.

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